Mike Watson - founder of Watson Medical

About Us

Watson Medical has a diverse range qualifications and most especially life skills which often comes in handy should you need an impartial ear during treatment.

Our team has a common goal which is to apply and improve current proven scientific healing techniques.

Watson Medical invests heavily in research with global medical institutes.

Ever mindful of client confidentially we occasionally work with client’s to study their response and invariable dramatic improvements after magnetic field stimulation.

Our innovative culture allows our clients to benefit from safe adaptations to their treatment programmes. This improves relationships and makes for a relaxed harmonious environment.

Meet The Team



Founder of Watson Medical.

Helping the fight against Covid



Leyla El Moudden  – Director of Clinical Research

Where We Treat You

Watson Medical is fully equipped with technologies such as E-PEMF, PRP and Thermal Imaging to help aid your recovery.

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