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  • Measuring the effects of Enhanced E-PEMF before and after your treatment
  • David Describes the benefits from Enhanced E-PEMF to treat his Spinal Chord Injury, Bed Pressure Sores, Shoulder
  • Dr Khokhar discusses treatment for Mike Watson on Coronary Plaque Deposits
  • Margaret Describes the benefits from her Enhanced E-PEMF Treatment to Treat Her Broken Arm
  • Mick Describes the Benefits from Enhanced E-PEMF to Treat Multiple Fractures
  • Alison Describes the Benefits from Enhanced E-PEMF to Treat Raynaud's Disease

A Little Background on E-PEMF

E-PEMF has a long and eventful history. Before modern medicine, and as far back as the ancient Greeks, physicians were intrigued by the properties and effects of magnets on the human body.

In the 1970’s Dr. Andrew Bassett showed that low-frequency E-PEMF could heal some of the most difficult types of bone fracture. This use was approved by the FDA in the US in 1979. Inevitably, the publication of such positive reports worldwide, encouraged non bona-fide profiteers. They simplified the science, dumbed down the application, pedalled ineffective products and falsely claimed a miracle cure.

Despite any doubt cast, scientific pioneers continued to spend years researching, testing and developing techniques in order to prove the authenticity and importance of the therapy and its potential.

By 2009, NASA had employed their own patent involving pulsating electro-magnetic fields, for restoring bone and muscle density on astronauts returning from space.

Non-certified information available online and the trend towards self-diagnosis means there is still a lack of understanding within the E-PEMF arena. A well-experienced and qualified practitioner would admit there is still a lot to learn.

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Home Visits

For the elderly or those who find it difficult to travel in to our clinic, RESET offers a mobile service within the comfort of ones own home or place of work, so feel free to contact us to make this appointment.

Bring RESET to your clinic

RESET has been set up for growth! Humans and all living creatures experience a wide and diverse range of conditions and ailments. Most can be treated with the full unique Reset range of low to intense magnetic fields.

Reset treatments are approved, proven and compliment all Medical, Health and Wellbeing sectors e.g Surgeons, GP’s, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist practitioners both pre and post operatively, even veterinarians.

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